Transit Service

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Make Transit a part of your middle school student's Sunday rhithm.
Students will attend their normal service hour for worship, a message, and small group time. 


With the rise of COVID cases and the Delta variant, we want to keep your students as safe and healthy as possible in Transit on Sunday mornings.

We are continuing to watch how things progress and take necessary precautions. Below is a list of actions we are implementing in Transit, beginning this Sunday:

  • We will host two services per hour to limit the number of people gathering in our large-group space. Our 7th and 8th-grade students will go to the Attic for their service first. Our 6th-grade students will follow after.
  • We will have hand sanitizing stations and masks available for our students and leaders.
  • All Transit and Woodstock City Church staff will use masks.
  • Our ever-popular, well-loved donuts will be served in the small group rooms.