Groups Service Opportunity

Serving our community together!

Gather your group and make a difference together!
Groups serve week at woodstock city church

Groups Serve Week

We’re going to share love and show our support to all the staff members of Cherokee County School District.

Our goal is to give every staff member (all 4709 of them!) an encouraging note and a $5 gift card.

We would also like to stock their break rooms with snacks!


Here is how this serving opportunity will work:

1. Each group member will write a note and purchase a $5 gift card and snacks.

    • Be sure to contribute each of the following for every staff member you are sponsoring:
      • Notes: These should be generic and encouraging. Please do not seal.
        You can get the whole family involved! HERE is a coloring page to download, print, and help your kiddos color a sweet note. 
      • Gift cards: Try to get $5 gift cards. HERE is a list of suggested locations where you can purchase them. 
      • Snacks: Check to be sure they are individually wrapped.

2. Don’t feel like you have to limit this to just your group. Have your group invite their family, friends, and neighbors to join you in this opportunity.

3. During the week of March 28 – April 1, drop these items off in the bins outside the front doors of Woodstock City Church.

    • Please keep items separate. We will package the boxes according to how many each school needs for its staff.
    • We may need additional help to sort and deliver the gifts, so there is a place on the form to volunteer for that also.


We are excited to show our appreciation to all the Cherokee County School District staff members and to work alongside our community groups to make this happen!

To ensure all staff members (4709) receive a gift, every group member (2483) would need to participate (plus some).

Since not everyone has the means to do this, we are asking everyone who can participate to sponsor at least two staff members, if possible.

If you are willing and able to do more, please do so.

Where to go
Here's a list of locations that sell $5 gift cards and snacks!



Get the family involved
Here's a page for your kiddos to color and write a sweet note on!