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A family of students who own their faith together.

InsideOut is a movement of students inspired to follow Jesus together. It's a family, and this family is for everyone. 

We miss being with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being with us!

We are providing an online IO experience for you each Sunday.

There will be a video message available on this page each week for you to view at your regular IO service time.

After that, you’ll be able to join a “virtual small group room” to discuss the content with your regular small group. The links to those small group rooms will be emailed to you from your small group leader.


If you’d like to receive text devotions in the morning:
text “iomorning” to 94090.

If you’d rather receive text devotions in the evening:
text “ioevening” to 94090.



How can I stay informed about what's happening for my High School student from InsideOut?

To make the most of the resources InsideOut has available for your High School student, please join our parent group on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things IO! 


You can also join our email list. Update your email preferences to get information right in your inbox. 

March 29

Logo for New InsideOut Series- How We Should Pray


It’s natural to worry about the future—especially right now. A lot of things in our world are changing by the day and we’re left with a lot of uncertainty. If we’re not careful, worry about the future can consume us.

Today, you will pray like Jesus prayed in Matthew 6, focusing on the needs for the day.It’s not that we can’t ask for things for the future, but the intent is to experience a change in our hearts that makes our daily reliance on him a reminder of his grace toward us.

March 22

Logo for New InsideOut Series- How We Should Pray


Everyone in Jesus’s day prayed.

You had to pray to the emperor if you were a Roman citizen. You passed idols on the road in any major city, and temples were the center of culture back then. Because of that, prayer was often a performance spectacle. And it was almost always about trying to get the gods in line with your agenda.

In Matthew 6, Jesus radically changed the expectations of what prayer life could do and what it should look like. Those lessons still have the power today to revolutionize our daily lives

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