Player Agreement

575 Classic - 3v3 Basketball Tournament

Any player, spectator, event staff, or volunteer caught fighting will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the tournament and is ineligible for a refund.

Players agree to respect fellow team members, other players, referees, parents, fans, and staff for the duration of the tournament. If a player fails to behave accordingly, the 575 Classic staff reserves the right to remove any team and its members from the tournament.

575 Classic expects all players, spectators, event staff, and volunteers to act in an appropriate manner.

575 Classic staff may remove individuals from the facility or defer to law enforcement for hostile behavior.

575 Classic has developed a Code of Conduct for players, spectators, event staff, and volunteers. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in disqualification from the event, and teams will be ineligible for a refund.

Be on time for your games. Brackets posted around the gym will have your team's estimated game time, and your team will receive a 10-minute warning via GroupMe. Late arrival to your game may result in a shortened game time or automatic loss.

Refrain from using loudspeakers in facilities.

Athletic wear must also be consistent with Cherokee County Schools' dress code

No obscene or inappropriate language displayed on athletic wear. 

If deemed inappropriate by tournament officials, players will be asked to change clothes or be disqualified. 

To request a refund of your tournament registration fee, email BEFORE the tournament registration deadline (March 22).

Refunds cannot be issued after the registration deadline.