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Bend, Don't Break

Samer Massad
Feb 2022

You can only bend for so long without breaking. Jesus offers us an invitation that will help.

Paper Walls

Andy Stanley
Jan 2022

There’s a fine line between a reason and an excuse. It's time to abandon the excuses.

New Start, Same Heart 2022

Samer Massad
Jan 02, 2022

New starts bring along with them new opportunity. As our church launches into a new season, we have the opportunity to be a part of all...

Light Like Never Before

Samer Massad
Dec 24, 2021

No Description Available

The Day After Christmas

Andy Stanley and Samer Massad
Dec 2021

Due to a census, the original Christmas day was chaos. People wanted to return home and get back to normal. But things would never be...