Mile Marker 7

Service trips for 7th grade students and parents.

Transit Mile Marker 7 mission trip father and daughter

Each summer, teams of rising 8th graders and their parents embark on trips all over the world and experience serving together in different cultures.
Middle school is a great time for students to be introduced to new cultures and to meet people with needs different from their own. Parents should have front-row seats for these experiences.



Where do I apply?
Do both the parent and the student need to fill out separate applications?

International trips require an application from both the parent and the student. Domestic trips only require one shared application.

I’m under 13. Can I still create an account in ServiceReef and apply for an international trip?

Yes! For international trips you will create an account under the parent you are applying with. Parents, please follow the instructions linked on the main registration page.

When and where are the team meetings and the retreat going to be?

TBD by the trip team lead, but at one of the campuses.

Why is Uganda only an option for fathers?

This is not because of a safety issue.

  1. Most of the men working for the ministry and the children in the community have never had a father.
  2. Culturally, the role of the father in Uganda is that of a disciplinarian. It is common and expected for children to be “afraid” of their fathers. The majority of people in that area have never witnessed a loving interaction between a father and a child.
How will the teams be selected?

The teams will be chosen considering:

  1. Campus representation
  2. Gender (so trips are balanced)
  3. Reference checks
  4. Needs (e.g., if we need a nurse)
  5. First come, first served
Can both parents take one student?

Because we have limited spots on the teams, we will select one parent per student. There are family trip options on the global(x) website.

Can an adult sibling take the student?

We prefer the student participate in this experience with one of his or her parents/guardians.

I have twins. Can I (one parent) take them both? Or can both parents go to have one-on-one time with each student?


Where can I get more specific information about what the teams will be doing?

See the trip pages on

Are there required vaccines for this trip?

You can check the CDC website for recommended vaccines. This is also something the team will talk about once it is formed. Vaccine costs are in addition to the amount of money each person needs to raise.

Will there be running water and electricity on the international trips?

The places we are staying have both, but they are in developing countries, which means it is possible we may not have access to running water or electricity for a period of time. This is just part of the experience.

I have applied for a global(x) trip and am waiting to hear back. Should I wait for a response before applying for a Transit trip?

Go ahead and apply for the Transit trip as well. Then you will have your name in the running for both. If you are selected for both, you will decide between them. You will need to fill out multiple applications, but once you have a Managed Missions account, it should be quicker to fill out another. This is how all global(x) applications work.

My student has food allergies; how will that work on a mission trip?

When traveling outside of the country, we recommend that you pack food and snacks to accommodate your allergy. We cannot ensure that each location will be able to accommodate a wide variety of possible allergies.