Mile Marker 8

Special Edition Box to Mark This Milestone

What is Mile Marker 8?
britt screenshot from mm8 video

Mile Marker 8 looks a little different this year.


Cultures around the world have recognized the importance of rite of passage experiences. They provide students with distinctive markers to point to as the moments they started on the road to adulthood. Here you will find some materials to help you construct a rite of passage experience in the form of a formal blessing as your student's time in middle school comes to a close.

Mile Marker 8: Special Edition gives you the chance to mark this important milestone of finishing middle school while building—or maybe even redefining—your relationship with your student before they head to high school.

WHAT: A Mile Marker 8: Special Edition box will be delivered to your home. This box will contain the makings of a unique and memorable experience for you and your 8th grader.
WHERE: Your box will be shipped to the address noted on your registration.
WHEN: The box will arrive at the end of June.
COST: $10