Struggles Moms Face

What do you do when being a mom is hard?

mom guilt comparison

What do you do when being a mom is hard?

Whether you’re a seasoned mom or just got the job, our heart struggles are similar. And we know that raising healthy kids starts with being healthy moms.

Here are two of the top “mom” struggles and how to combat them regardless of the parenting stage you’re in. These hardships run deep and take time to work through. Here’s a quick reminder of how to beat them.


Mom Guilt

Sometimes it can feel like you just can’t win. If you let your children cry it out, you feel guilty because they’re your treasures. If you hold them when they’re disappointed and pitching a fit, you feel guilty because you’re not allowing them to build resilience.

How do you fight the guilt that wants to plague you in the little and big things?

Find your motivation. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing and remind yourself of it often. When you examine your own motives and know your why, you can revisit those motives when you’re unsure of yourself and how you’re parenting.

You are the best person for the job of raising your child—trust yourself.

On the flip side, if you’re honest with yourself and find you’re doing or not doing something for the wrong reason (e.g., exhaustion, anger, resentment), talk to someone and ask God to help you adjust and redirect.


Mom Comparison

None of us can help it. And the nature of motherhood is that sometimes you don’t know whether you’re doing a good job until your kids have grown up or some amount of time has passed. So, we look around us and use other moms as measuring sticks.

The danger in comparison is the same regardless of whether you consider yourself better or worse than another mom in some area—you lose yourself.

How do you keep yourself from falling into the comparison trap?

Stay in your lane. You are the best person for the job of raising your child.

Get comfortable with where you are and who you are. Don’t open social media first thing in the morning. Don’t let your own brain hijack your confidence and use comparison to steal your joy. You are uniquely and perfectly equipped to raise your family.


There is a rule of thirds when writing tidbits like this, but let’s be honest, if we can conquer these two things, our lives will improve exponentially.

This content is based on the First Step podcast, episode 16, where Kendra Fleming and Karen Stubbs talk about struggles they have faced as moms.

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