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This week at The Living Room we celebrated baptisms and stories of life change. The two are almost always coupled together because baptism is an outward expression of an inward work of Jesus in our lives. When Jesus enters the picture, our lives are never the same and our stories are changed forever. And the amazing thing about people's stories? You can't argue with a story! Baptism for us is about real stories involving real people who have experienced real life change because of a real Savior. So we thought it would be a great time for your group to focus on stories and how Jesus has impacted the lives of individuals in your group over the past semester.



  1. As you look back at this past semester, how have you grown? Where have you seen Jesus changing your life?
  2. Has there been a circumstance that has challenged you over the last few months? How has God been faithful through it?
  3. What was your life like before Jesus? What’s changed since?
  4. What theme(s) do you see in your faith journey? How has your perspective of God changed over time?
  5. Your story can help others know who Jesus is. What are some ways you can share or invite others into your story?
  6. What hopes do you have for next semester? What are you asking Jesus to do in your life?



Some of your students may need to take the next step of baptism. If it is, encourage them to have that conversation and reach out to your Groups Director for more info!