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Say What?! Family Game App

Download the Free Say What?! Family Game App

Available on iPhone and iPad

Spending some time with the kids in the car this summer? Want to make the most of family pizza night? Think your kid could use a little confidence and encouragement from the fam? Then download the Say What?! Family Game!
This free app is full of fun questions you can ask your kids and questions they can ask YOU! Each question is designed to make your family laugh, share, and encourage one another. Try it whenever you want to make a minute meaningful with your kids this summer!

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UpStreet is on Spotify

New UpStreet Summer Playlist! 

Download UpStreet’s Epic Summer on Spotify

Need beats for a road trip? New songs for the pool? UpStreet’s got it on lock. We pulled together some of our fave UpStreet songs, so no matter where you go this summer, UpStreet can go with ya! 

P.S. - We’ve always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty; any chance you’re going there? 🗽 😜

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UpStreet's Car Tag

UpStreet's Car Tag

Make time in the car matter.

We know great conversations can happen in the car. This month we’re discovering there is no one more epic than Jesus. Jesus cares for everyone no matter who they are and loving others like he does is the best way to show EPIC LOVE. Hang this car tag in your car and ask your kids about how they can show others EPIC LOVE and love like Jesus does.

Car tags available on UpStreet

Get Your July Verse Sticker!

What's the Word Poster

Get Your July Verse Sticker!

Add this new sticker to your UpStreet verse poster. Each monthly sticker gives your kid wisdom from God so they can remember it when they need it.

Stickers and posters are available on UpStreet


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Jump Start

Teaching kids about a relationship with Jesus

Have you and your kids experienced Jump Start? Jump Start is a 20-minute presentation where parents and kids learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s designed to help parents jump start a conversation about faith.

Pick a date and join us!