Waumba Land Happy Mail

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September Waumba Land Happy Mail

Happy Mail!

We sent all kinds of fun things to you this month that will help you teach your preschooler how to be kind, caring, and help others. Be on the lookout for September Happy Mail!

Bible Verse Cling - Let your child put this somewhere they will see it and have fun doing the motions while saying the Bible verse together. They’ll love collecting one every month and creating a collage on the wall or mirror. (For extra excitement, say the verse differently every time . . . whisper, fast, slow, while spinning, etc.)

Conversation Card - Set this card on your table or your child’s nightstand and keep the conversation going as you help your preschooler learn more about helping others.

“Love Your Neighbor” Activity - Help your child decorate their “Love Your Neighbor” page and place it in a window so that everyone can see it. There’s even an extra to give to a friend to help spread the love.

Parenting your preschooler isn’t always easy, but YOU’VE GOT THIS!