Women's Growth Group Homework

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Welcome to the Resource Site for your Growth Group Assignments!

Here are links to all the resources you will need. 

If you need help, please speak to your Growth Group Leader or email our staff

Session 5 Resources

Christ in You by Louie Giglio

Flourish in Identity

YouVersion Devotional
by Passion Conferences

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Who Am I?

YouVersion Devotional
by John Piper

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Your Identity Part 1 | Speaker: Elaine Scott
Your Identity Part 2 | Speaker: Elaine Scott
Your Identity Part 3 | Speaker: Elaine Scott
Who Am I | Speaker: Clay Scroggins

Session 6 & 7 Resources

Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? Read on to learn more about the work of the spirit of God and watch the free Bible video on the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

Come and learn about the Holy Spirit! Discover the incredible work of the third person of the Godhead. You will grow in your knowledge of His person and His ministry as you meditate upon Him for this 31-day reading plan.

Session 8 Resources


Session 9 Resources

Part 1: The Forecast
Message series by jeff henderson climate change
Part 2: The Unstable Climate
Message series by jeff henderson climate change

Session 10 & 11 Resources

The Bible Project
Overview video on the book of James


The Bible in Community Source

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James: Faith/Works

James: Faith/Works 13-Day Reading Plan by Matt Chandler

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Session 12 Resources

Word Study: Euangelion - "Gospel"